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Unlike most people in the DC Metro area, I’ve lived here my entire life. My love of video started in middle school when I’d go around with the neighbors shooting short movies with my dad's VHS camcorder. We jumped off the roof into piles of snow, made our own sports films, and even created a cop drama that drew the attention of local law enforcement. It’s a pretty funny story that ends with me being held at gunpoint. Ask me about it sometime…

My formal television production education began at James Madison University’s School of Media Arts & Design. During breaks in the college fun, I worked with the Sports Media Relations office shooting highlight video footage for various sports. I also helped out on a few campus TV shows and interned at the local PBS station. All the extra time spent out of the classroom and in the field helped me turn my interest in video into an actual career path.

After learning Final Cut and all the tricks of the digital video trade at JMU, my professional career started in online, tape-to-tape edit suites at Henninger Media Services. While I wasn't editing right out of college, my experience there was still valuable. I had the opportunity to learn from professional editors with unique styles and personalities as they did their thing on a daily basis. Working in a large post house also taught me a great deal about the technical aspects of post production by spending half my time 'in the core.' That being said, after a year of kerning Chyron and popping tapes, I was eager to get back in the editor’s seat.

In 2001, BASE Productions hired me to be the editor for the Washington Capitals in-game video production team. After a few years on the job, I edited a popular video that many Caps fans still love today. I’m proud to say that I edited the original 'Unleash the Fury' video in 2006 and I still get a smile whenever it is played or mentioned. Another hockey editing highlight came in 2012 when I edited the LA Kings playoff open video.

"The Black Parade" kicked off all the Kings' home games on their road to winning the Stanley Cup. That video even got a cool nod from a Bill Plaschke column in the LA Times.

Pomp and circumstances of Kings' title is unmatched in L.A. history

During my college years, editing professional sports was merely a dream, but at BASE, I lived that dream on a daily basis. In addition to creating award winning sports work for over a decade, I also had the chance to work in the documentary and television world. I’ve edited shows for networks like Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and ESPN Classic.

After going freelance full time in September 2012, I started my own business - LibeauPro, LLC. The plan is to help folks in the DC Metro area create quality content, work hard, and have fun through it all.

During my career, I’ve gotten my hands dirty in areas other than just cuts and dissolves. My need for order came in handy when I developed and maintained a system for keeping years worth of master and archive libraries organized. I’ve learned motion graphics, mixing, sound design, compositing, tutoring, supervising, writing, shooting, creative direction and how to be a member of a successful team. The best career advice I was ever given was "Know what the people around you do, and do your job in a way that makes everyone else’s job easier". I try to live by that creed every time I step into a work environment and expect my colleagues to do the same.

As for my life now, I live in Fairfax, Virginia, with my wife, Shena, and son, Brooks. We spend our free time staying active with volleyball, catching up with nearby family and friends, and getting outside where there are no computers/TV screens. If you’re into hiking, I love sharing good spots to check out and proudly carry around my National Parks Service Annual Pass wherever I go.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me.
Tim Libeau